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Sprint Corporation Reviews

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  • No Customer Service

    been a customer for over 17 years I started in 2000 when it was Sprint/Nextel. At one point had 3 lines . I added my 76 year old mother on my plan due to health reasons she passed away March 24, it took sprint 2 months to finally disconnect services after being told numerous times it had been. Sprint acknowledge receipt of death certificate in March. Because I just added my mom in September 2016 I was appreciative they cancelled line with no penalty. I lived out of state and had no way to locate phone and return it. By the time I could get back o SC, I realized it had been stolen from... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Dtripp's Picture   Dtripp    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sprint stole from me

    Sprint was the worst service I could've ever gotten. Biggest mistake ever. Ive had so many problems with sprint it's almost ridiculous and they're not willing to help or fix their mistakes. 1. They were over billing me from 70 a month to 270 a month and mind you I never used data so it wasn't overage charges for that. I had to go to SEVEN stores just for somebody to tell me what was going on only for them to say my Hotspot was one ... WHICH IT WASNT. so I was stuck paying that for months 2. When I switched out from them it took almost two month because they... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • sprint; worst experience ever... and am saying that lightly.

    When I first started with sprint I switched over from at&t and was the worst mistake I could have made for me and my family. From the beginning we were given 4 different phone numbers for all three phones we purchased. Were signed up with the wrong contract. Our bill was never right. Was supposed to be $164.89 each month and ranged from that price and to exceed over $400 at times... Went through numerous corporate contacts and because our account was so messed up it became an escalated plan which became unique to the point where I was contacted by a CEO from Sprint with an apology. He... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • "bait and switch"

    Sprint Corporation "bait and switch" tactic At the beginning of December of 2016, switched my phone service from Verizon to Sprint, changing my monthly bill from $210 to $113 per month, with a buy one get one free phone, for 2 lines. In January of 2017, called Sprint as my bill was too high, $175. At that time when I spoke to Sprint, they advised they would credit back any over payment, would have my bill corrected to $124 per month. March 8, 2017, got a past due text for $65., they amount they were suppose to credit. After speaking to 2 people, including 1 manager I was advised I... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Sprint cell phone planes

    Sprint are just a set of thieves! They have the worst customer service ever!!! Don't go for sprint...no coverage, hidden charges, bad services, they create fees and let you pay it otherwise they will refer it to a debt collector! What a f***ing company, if you visit the center, it ia always busy you can't get service within at least one oir of wait, once, it took me four ours to solve my issue and it wasn't even solved. They are a bunch of liers and I will spread the word on social media and newspaper... I will show them who they are!!!!!!!!! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    AfraSaad's Picture   AfraSaad    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sprint has zero loyalty

    15 years with them and I'm having phone issues so I was going to buy another phone from them. After checking the contract I was 74 days short.Sprint says sorry cant help you, but you can buy a new phone at full price! REALLY SPRINT 74 DAYS after being a customer for 15 years. however they did tell me that if I cancel my contract 74 days early they will charge me $120.WOW no customer service! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    bobby3647's Picture   bobby3647    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sprinit

    Sprint is the worst mobile service provider. I had them for 10 years and had ups and downs. Move into a New house and the service worked just fine for a year the in April it stopped working. I called and they lied to me on every phone call telling me it was something different then what it was. This went on for 7 months. They never took care of the problem they never fairly compensated me for the issue. I switched to a different provider. In a nut shell they do not care about customer service. James in Oaklahoma City customer service department is the worse person to deal with and he lies. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • issue unresolved rude customer service

    I changed my plan in October cause I needed to lower my payments it was supposed to takattacked place at end of billing cycle and didn't so there was proration chargesm When I called I was promised this would be taken care of on next bill and still hasn't. Today when I called I talked to 5 different people and hung up on 4 times and left on hold extended wait times. Then told theres nothing they can do. Ive been with sprint 2 years in January never have asked for credit and never been treated so rude. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    pjulian's Picture   pjulian    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible they dont know what they are doing.

    This is the worst store ever!!!! Don't go here!!! I went here twice and will never go there again. I had an older phone evo 3d and it was messing up on me so I took it in the people told me it was old and need to be replaced they said you have to buy a REPLACEMENT phone for 25 dollars and then it came in and the charger with it didn't work so they gave me the crappiest charger off the wall and said you were not suppose to get the charger anyways. Next thing is I got an upgrade 2 months later and went and got the lg g3 which was very nice phone till my camrea stopped working. So... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Rachel22's Picture   Rachel22    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sprint sucks

    Last March of 2014, I called their customer service by phone and spoke to a customer service agent regarding of my over charge bill that it said I over used my minutes and made calls and texts to Canada that i don't have even friends or family down there. The agent told me they're going to waive that over charge and I will pay the balance, but after 4 months that I was out of the country when I checked my account that over charged was still there and when I called up them again it's already on the bill collection, of course I tried to spoke them again and explained... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    anna4731's Picture   anna4731    0 Comments   Comments
  • Family Plan Don't switched

    Sprint is ripping people off and the goverment is going to approve for the merger with T mobil - That means that they'll more people to ripp off. Make sprint to be more clear with their plans - Don't belive those comercial that you'll save about $650.00 in discounts Be warned of the new offer by Sprint Family plan so you can save money switch to sprint on your own demis. The retail store sale person will said what you want to hear to save money and some they just don't know any better. You can't have the family plan and free new phone in the same plan like some... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Edgarez779's Picture   Edgarez779    0 Comments   Comments
  • F--@ the sprint.

    I have a problem with Sprint company. 1,5 years with no service in my area, never antenna in the US travels (ILLINOIS, INDIANA, Boston, NY, MD... 20 miles from DC NO connection!!! Spent 2 weeks by notifying them about cancellation and last 7 hours on the phone... to solve the surcharges and bills and additional surcharges. 7 crazy hours! My organisation made a note to disconnect account - I'm moving abroad. While purcasing the cell phones and contract and was sure by the reps that since I work for the government no cancellation and late fee will apply. All I need is to return... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    FuckSprint's Picture   FuckSprint    0 Comments   Comments

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Sprint Corporation Comments

pjulian says: (8 years ago)
I changed my plan in October cause I needed to lower my payments it was supposed to be at end of billing cycle and didn't so I have proration charges. I was promised it would be fixed on next bill and still isn't. When I called today 12-11-14 I was hung up on 4 different times and on hold extended wait times waiting for supervisor which I never spoke to. Ive been with sprint 2 years in January never have asked for credit and never been treated so rude not a happy sprint customer.

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